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Jennifer Jordan Tells Her Story of Bringing a Design Concept to Life and Having Fun at FOX

Jennifer Jordan, Associate and Operations Director has been with FOX Architects almost from its inception. More than 13 years later, she discussed her work at FOX Architects and the joy of bringing a design concept to life while also creating a space to become LEED-CI certified.

Jennifer’s expertise is in workplace interiors project management; specializing in Not-For-Profit, Higher Education and Corporate. The eye for detail required to be an excellent project manager can also be a creative gift.

“I’m not USGBC LEED®-accredited, but I know enough to be dangerous,” she joked. She certainly knows enough to impress clients, and “LEED,” with her work. Her renovation-in-place at World Resources Institute (WRI) Headquarters was recently awarded LEED-CI Silver certification. Jennifer’s two-fold talent of understanding both a design vision and the practical steps needed to make it a reality makes her instrumental in the success of sustainable projects like WRI’s renovation.

A design concept is its own form of storytelling, capturing a client’s vision and mission. But this kind of story is meant to leap off the page and become a real place people can see and touch. Jennifer’s been working in the industry for more than two decades, and the thrill of bringing a concept to life still makes her eager to get to work.

“We’re sketching on a napkin, trace paper, whatever we can find. Translating it to a design and building it is amazing to me. To see what other architects and designers are doing is exciting, but getting to do it yourself is 100 times better,” she said. “To be on a construction site and see what you initially sketched, with materials and lighting, and then get to see how the client is using their space to attract and retain talent, really excites me. It can be incredibly challenging, but if it wasn’t challenging it wouldn’t be any fun.”

One common challenge is finding the balance between budget and a client’s dream design. Jennifer’s skilled at resolving the questions that can make or break a project. “It’s about making sure the client’s goals and needs are met, and making sure the project team has the resources they need,” she explained.

Building strong relationships with clients and project teams at FOX Architects is both essential to a project’s success, and one of Jennifer’s favorite aspects of the job.

“To be able to work with the same teams for several years, it just goes to show, it turns into a family. Everyone is invested in the project together to make sure it’s a success,” Jennifer said. “You plan it right, design it right, build it right, and you get a successful client and successful story.”

As her award-winning background goes to show, when Jennifer’s enjoying what she’s doing, clients get in on the fun, too.