Wyle Information Systems Group

Location: MCLEAN, VA
Project Size: 33,000 SF

Wyle Information Systems Group, a national government contractor headquartered in McLean, VA is focused on mission critical requirements. Wyle’s design goal was to create a showcase space that not only reflects who they are today, but who they hope to become in the future. The design team was challenged to fulfill Wyle’s mission by taking the firm from a 100% closed office to a 60% open space. The design team’s goal was challenged to satisfy the staff’s need for a sense of privacy and provide an environment that encourages collaboration. To incorporate the staff’s need for privacy, their 46-inch workstations were designed with an additional 10-inch high frosted glass panel. 

The frosted glass theme was carried throughout the space including the offices and conference rooms. This feature not only maximizes the opportunity for natural light, but provides an open and welcoming office impression. The glass feature also provides Wyle with a sense of connectivity to their clients. The office views of DC, Rockville and Bethesda provides a unique vantage point to their clients locations.

To encourage collaboration and unprompted interaction, several features were included in the design such as: the interconnecting stair, open huddle areas with smart boards and demo labs.