Washington REIT

Location: Washington, DC
Project Size: 17,000 SF

Washington REIT’s new CEO saw an opportunity to revitalize the firm’s image and culture with a move to a new space. Our team was entrusted with the challenge of designing for a traditional company wanting to move into an untraditional space. Our concept, WRIT in Color, was about taking a classic and revitalizing it; amplifying the classic black and white movie to an IMAX experience. This trust allowed us to develop an extremely efficient program to best utilize the space in a way that would help the firm grow its culture alongside its business.

Instead of having a space that changed the way they work, our team designed a space that enabled their work. The dynamic footprint gives employees numerous work options, including; bar-height benching, cushions for impromptu workstation tag ups, and phone booths for privacy. Our team cultivated a means of wayfinding unique to REIT by creating meeting coves, for collaboration or quiet time, saturated in different colors that stand apart from the neutral floor plan. The reception features a giant, movable closet allowing the pantry to open up to host larger events when needed.

Motivated by the talent battle to attract the best and brightest of younger generations, REIT knew moving to the epicenter of this up and coming talent war was the first step. The second was rebranding itself from a traditional office associated with the suburbs, to a modern firm headquartered in the heart of a city known for its forward-thinking and diversity. This required accommodating to new work styles the upcoming generations demand to bring out the best of their talent. A big challenge for the design team was manifesting a modern space to attract the area’s best talent but keeping the space comfortable for the employees that brought REIT this opportunity. While helping shape their space and how they would work in the future, our team inspired the rebirth the company image and guided them through the pains of growing a new. Our team was successful in helping them achieve their goal of doing better business and their new logo, space and company nomenclature reflect as much. 

Services provided: