Washington Gas

Location: Springfield, VA
Project Size: 186,000 SF Office; 68,000 SF Industrial


This 20-acre site for a public utility includes plans for a 168,000-grosssquare-foot office building, a 68,000-gross-square-foot industrial building, structured parking for 530 vehicles, surface parking for 275 vehicles and a central, landscaped amenity. This project also included master planning and programming.

The office building is along the site’s northern side, permitting a clear approach from Industrial Road, while the industrial building is on the site’s southern side. The two buildings are connected by a parking structure, which serves the needs of both, and a central, landscaped amenity that the three structures protect and enclose. The lower one-story industrial building permits direct southern sunlight into the landscaped amenity and office building. Because the buildings stand apart, they permit other exit strategies so that the site could be subdivided in the future. The structured parking left more of the site open for a landscaped amenity, an important feature given the site’s fairly austere industrial setting. Structured parking also reduces the site’s impervious area, thus improving stormwater management, reducing heat island effect and fostering sustainability.