Washington Gas - Interiors

Location: Springfield, VA
Project Size: 186,000 SF Office; 68,000 SF Industrial


As a leader in sustainable energy solutions, Washington Gas sought to provide a facility that pays homage to its rich history, supports today’s sustainability practices and is flexible to provide for future contraction or expansion. The design had to support the need to consolidate three regional offices into a single energy efficient, modern campus. Additionally, Washington Gas also desired a facility that better supported their workforce and provided an improved work environment for their people – both corporate and industrial employees.

As the base building architect and interior designer, FOX took an inside-out, outside-in approach to the project, with nearly every design feature playing a role in the emphasis on sustainable energy. The office building utilizes precast concrete and linear windows for its north façade and a glass curtain wall system on the southern side, maximizing natural daylight. In addition to the fuel cell technology and strategic campus design, the buildings feature reflective roofing and LED lights, as well as automated shades that adjust to the sun’s changing position, maximizing the building’s energy efficiency and keeping excess energy consumption to a minimum.

Unifying the industrial building with the interior design of the office proved to be successful for the overall aesthetic as well as the functionality of the two spaces. The interior of both the office building and industrial building emphasize rustic, natural materials, particularly concrete and wood, combined with refined design elements to temper the industrial aesthetic and acknowledge the organization’s industrial nature in a modern, sophisticated way. The juxtaposition of raw and refined features in both buildings creates a coordinated appearance that also softens the austere industrial setting so that a pleasant corporate campus can emerge.