VNO DesignLab

Location: Arlington, VA
Project Size: 3,000 SF

FOX Architects was among a select group of architects invited by Vornado/Charles E. Smith to create an innovative office of the future, "VNO DesignLab", but be designed ready to use today. 

FOX's approach to the VNO DesignLab project was to present our concept of B10ck. B10ck is leasing through the power of design. It's not just a design, but a leasing concept that offers an adaptable modular office framework supporting infinite scalable variations. Through B10ck, a tenant has immediately imaginable choices, customization, and community. This concept can be applied in various orders of magnitude: from the scale of the neighborhood, to the building, to a full floor, to a single suite that uses modular furniture and custom branding within the space. 

B10ck is Choices, Community, Customization....all built within a kit of parts. B10ck is built on a standard building grid system using modular walls and a ceiling mounted power bar supplying power/data to your space. B10ck can be easily and quickly reconfigured for each tenant, offering a lower cost and faster alternative to traditional leasing. 

B10ck was well received, and the space has been leased and already occupied. 


Services provided: