Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Location: Washington, DC
Project Size: 12,800 sf

With major research sites in Boston, San Diego, and the United Kingdom, this pharmaceutical company’s government affairs office was designed to offer their employees and visitors a flexible space that supports their public affairs and lobbying functions.  The design concept, inspired by the meaning of Vertex, where two points converge and meet, included slight angles, with subtle lines intersecting at different points throughout their space.   The highlight of the space is their reception area with its impressive views over the waterfront and Jefferson Memorial. The reception area was designed to cater to the Client’s large number of functions, including their corporate meetings, press conferences, and receptions. A moveable reception desk was designed to also act as a podium and as an additional serving piece for their different functions.  A variety of seating arrangements were selected to further allow for a flexible space.  Offices with partial frosted glass fronts were placed along the window line to allow for large amounts of light deep into the space.  A café with access to a balcony was designed for their employees and visitors to have a relaxed, comfortable area, encouraging interaction and impromptu meetings.  Stone accents with hardwood flooring were used to soften the space’s hard, clean lines that came about from the predominant use of glass and stainless steel accents.