Transaction Network Services

Location: Reston, VA
Project Size: 120,000 SF

Transaction Network Services (TNS) is a data streaming technology firm that partnered with FOX Architects to create design benchmarks and a standardized approach to space utilization for their headquarters. The primary concept focused on the data streaming function that is central to TNS while reflecting a data gateway design throughout the office.

The space features a central avenue at the core where public spaces are located and “streaming light” is a consistent design theme throughout the office which mirrors the data streaming and coding techniques that TNS owns. This concept was successfully implemented in the reception area through forms which enable light, represented by data, to flow freely.

The new space includes a warehouse, network operations center and office space where many employees transitioned from closed offices to open workstations. To respect this cultural shift and highlight the firm’s collaborative culture, FOX’s design team incorporated several support areas to facilitate opportunities for employees to connect and exchange ideas. Additionally, FOX created more offices at the core and aligned space allocation to match workflow, process, future growth and flexibility. As TNS was also rebranding during the project, FOX focused on the TNS business and culture for inspiration to guide decisions on finishes and materials to accomplish the spirit of transaction and innovation for the project. 


Services provided: