The Bozzuto Group

Location: Greenbelt, VA
Project Size: 105,000 SF

The Bozzuto Group is a privately held, integrated real estate services organization that develops, owns, and manages quality homes and extraordinary communities-some 35,000 residences to date. The Bozzuto Group is experiencing significant growth and has consistently been recognized as a top employer in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. 

Bozzuto is one company comprised of four primary groups. Their old space segregated each of the groups, and did not provide any spaces for the groups to intermingle. This was a risky situation given the pace at which Bozzuto is growing. The disconnect between how groups function can lead to a fractured company culture and how Bozzuto is perceived by the public. 

The main goal of the new office design is to celebrate Bozzuto at the level of the company, the group, and the individual. FOX implemented spaces that encouraged Bozzuto to maintain a strong, singular culture within and build upon the connection of employees as individuals and as groups. 

Areas composed primarily of individual workstations were created to cater to various work-types. These different areas include offices and collaboration spaces, such as the Town Square: cafés to supplement the sense of community. 

The communicating stair is the literal connection of all the groups and individuals that make up Bozzuto. It serves as the main way-finding element as well as a reminder to each employee of all the other groups and employees that make up Bozzuto. 


Services provided: