Thales Group / North American Headquarters

Location: Arlington, VA
Project Size: 31,185 sf

This government contractor client, headquartered in France, wanted a new U.S. office that would reflect their European corporate image while appealing to their U.S. employees. The project presented a unique opportunity to work with the London-based design firm that developed Thales’ European offices. The client’s goals included shifting the corporate structure from closed offices to a more open-office environment and integrating a flexibility into the space that allows it to meet multiple functions. In order to achieve those goals, the project began with an extensive discovery process that allowed the designers to guide Thales through their culture shift. Workstation solutions with high panels and doors provided executive level employees with privacy when required. The design incorporated classic elements and warm, modern earth tones. The pantry and lunch area was designed with brighter colors to provide a fun atmosphere. The design solutions developed for Thales will be applied to ten other U.S. locations. This project earned LEED® Gold certification.

"We are really pleased with the finish selections. FOX has been just terrific throughout the process!" - Carol A. McCarthy, Manager, Administrative Services