Tempus Inc.

Location: Washington, DC
Project Size: 14,000 SF

Tempus is the leading expert in aiding corporations with their foreign exchange solutions. Located in the heart of DC's Central Business District, Tempus' new headquarters reflects the exciting vitality of currency exchange and the company's transparent and collaborative culture, while maintaining a professional aesthetic. Upon entering, the juxtaposition of Tempus' dynamic culture within this industry is realized by visitors through the variety of materials used. A solid stone reception desk, scaled in its design to feel more like furniture, sits in front of a large feature wall comprised of varying depths and stains of reclaimed wood accenting the Tempus logo.

Moving through the corridor, the Parti design concept was divided into very dynamic and open "Exchange" zones accommodating focused workstations on either end of the space while incorporating collaboration lounges intertwined. While these collaboration spaces equipped with essential tools are visible and proximate to footprint, many are sheltered to reduce disruption to focus work. Since the new space had consolidated two floors, the designers created an illusion of additional space in a high density space plan by adding all workstations and conference rooms along the window to maximize natural light.

One of the unique feature designs highlighting this space was the sculptural ceiling veiled of reclaimed wood and translucent LED lights. This energetic design facilitates the vast array of trade orders that ticker through the financial markets every day while providing a physical warmth connection between the prominent public areas yet reinforcing the company's brand and serving as a design element in the space. To supplement the parti "Exchange" zones, a recharge café was strategically placed off the beaten path as a means for a destination zone. This pure, crisp, transparent cafe offers a multi-purpose space for employees to meet, socialize, and collaborate.


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