Location: New York, NY
Project Size: 63,000 SF

Spotify is a commercial music streaming service that manages content from several major record labels providing access to more than 20 million songs to millions of users worldwide. 

FOX was able to provide Spotify with a space better suited to their forward-thinking culture and flexible work style. Several “touch-down” areas were arranged with plush couches and colorful coffee tables to satisfy Spotify’s desire for a space that encouraged collaboration and spontaneous interaction. Seating areas were given a curtain track system to permit a more open environment and to give the option of privacy when required. FOX also teamed Muraflex to construct custom partitions that used parachute cord to separate offices from common areas and further promote the open office environment. In order to deliver as much natural light as possible to the space, a Kalwall system was added in the marketplace to conceal rooftop HVAC equipment while still admitting daylight and a glass bridge back was added to the west mezzanine. 

One of the main goals was to create a space that attracts and retains young talent while drawing parallels to the design features from their Stockholm headquarters. To help accomplish this, several accent walls throughout the space were populated by artists with their interpretations of music. Bringing together the designs, each with their own distinct look and feel, was achieved utilizing clean white walls and stained concrete floors throughout the space, as well as implementing common furniture elements.