Robbins-Gioia, LLC

Location: Alexandria, VA
Project Size: 66,000 sf

Located along the Potomac River, this program management consulting firm decided to have their first renovation in 20 years in order to upgrade and expand their current space. One of the Client’s goals was to enhance and feature their stunning views overlooking the Potomac River. To enhance these views, neutral and natural colors and materials were used to draw attention to the outside views on each of their four floors. The highlights of the space include an executive and reception area where high-end finishes were used, including stone walls to frame their stunning views, and round focal points to create a warm, welcoming space.  A large portion of the design concept was to portray the Client’s long-standing image along with their forward-thinking in trends and technology.  Contrasting accents were used to create a balance within their image, including  rough, natural stone, smooth glass and dark, traditional wood combined with manmade stainless steel.

"FOX understood the importance of adhering to our schedule and budget, designing to a phasing plan, working with limited swing space and most importantly the need for our business to continue to function during the process." - David R. Colby, Vice President, IT