QinetiQ North America Operations, LLC

Location: Consolidation - Reston, VA; Headquarters - McLean, VA
Project Size: 80,000 sf HQ Relocation / 20,000 sf Consolidation

This leading global defense contractor had two concurrent projects. The first project was QinetiQ’s North American (QNA) Headquarters space renovation, and the second project was the consolidation of two companies acquired by QNA in a brand new building. The client’s goals for both spaces were to reflect the organizations identify, set office standards, and to integrate a social aspect for employees. Though the two projects were separate from each other, the design in each space is reflective in order to present a cohesive feel. To achieve the client’s goals, in the headquarters space, lobbies and pantries are at each end of the hallways to create social gathering space. In the consolidation space, coffee and copy hubs provide employees a place to gather. The overall design concept was “movement,” which was accomplished by shifting elements from the lobby out to the copy and coffee areas. Upscale decorative lighting elements were used in common areas. The consolidation required specialty space, including labs, a conference center, and a main entry for visitors, which set the precedent for the QNA brand.

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