Project OCX

Location: Loudoun County, VA
Project Size: 113,000 sf

This client’s goals were to create a sense of community that encouraged collaboration, to brand the space to reflect their corporate culture, to migrate from primarily private offices to an open office, and to achieve a highly sustainable office space that provides a lot of natural daylight for all employees. These goals were achieved by organizing the space plan so that many of the main functions like conferencing, pantries, and the mailroom were directly off the elevator lobby.  To brand the space, white and varying shades of grey form the base of the design with lively green and minimal wood tones which bring freshness, energy, and warmth to the space. One single, dominant ceiling plane called the “Canopy” serves as an organizational tool to create anchor points and placement for gathering and activity areas. The canopy serves as a dynamic, unifying element to direct traffic throughout the space by providing streamlined organization to the circulation, space allocation, and function throughout the space. This design concept is carried throughout each floor. The design concept is evident in not only the 2009 configuration, but as the space grows to support the client’s 2014 program.  Special attention was paid to every detail, from base transitions where different floor materials meet to the color of custom green glass and workstation fabric. 

"Your efforts on this project will greatly influence us in the direction and development of workplace standards across the portfolio. Thank you for representing our Global Corporate Real Estate team so well in this project." - Brad Byers, V.P. of Corporate Real Estate