Location: Chantilly, VA
Project Size: 125,000 SF

NJVC delivers strategic IT solutions for intelligence, military and federal agencies and commercial entities with highly secure IT requirements. NJVC has been at the forefront of IT development and strategy for more than a decade. 

FOX assisted with the consolidation and reevaluation of NJVC’s existing office requirements. NJVC’s workstyle was changing due to shifting department structure, overall growth, expansion and contraction, and employees who previously worked off-site were returning to the main office. NJVC previously occupied 80,000 sf of office space that was scattered throughout the building which created a disjointed and non-cohesive space. The workplace study included how NJVC operates internally, how they interface with their clients, and what is important to their organization - whether it was a focus on workplace standards, collaboration, or increased efficiencies. 

The design team developed a universal space plan with built-in flexibility to respond to the changes occurring within the organization. Previous to the reassessment, NJVC did not utilize a hoteling work structure, but after the strategic workplace evaluation, it was found that 10% of NJVC staff could work from home and utilize temporary touch-down space in office. FOX implemented a workplace plan that saved NJVC 25,000 sf over 150,000 sf of space requirement with the combination of hoteling and workspace standards. The original program requirement was for 150,000 sf but NJVC is now efficiently housed in 125,000 sf while increasing their amenity space to include a conference center, employee lounge, fitness center, and various public areas.

Services provided: