NeoSystems Corp.

Location: McLean, VA
Project Size: 27,000 SF

NeoSystems Corp. offers innovative software solutions to government contractors, nonprofit organizations and commercial entities. NeoSystems was previously in an older building, but a new office space was needed to accommodate the organization’s rapid growth. The client wished to transition from their dated “silo” work structure to a space that encouraged internal communication, innovation and employee interaction. The design concept included an open floor plan and several flexible conference areas, with increased square footage allocated to the public zones, rather than traditional closed offices. However, some closed offices were required and were located strategically along the building exterior as well as integrated into the interior work areas. 

In addition, the design team was asked to develop a concept that could accommodate the new training center and conference room. The training center and the main circulation path had to be adjacent, with the training facility kept separate from the rest of the office but not completely closed off. The design team incorporated a glass partition for transparency, but security elements in the space maintained privacy and confidentiality. 

At the onset of the project, NeoSystems had recently completed a transition in their branding and corporate image. Another primary goal for the design was to showcase the new brand throughout the new space with thoughtful architectural details, environmental graphics and a consistent, branded color palette.