Mylan, Inc.

Location: Washington, DC
Project Size: 6,370 SF

Mylan is one of the world’s leading generics and specialty pharmaceutical companies, providing products to customers in approximately 150 countries and territories. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the client sought to relocate and expand its DC presence in order to better reach lawmakers, grow its DC workforce and communicate its core mission and values.

The guiding design concept was centered around Mylan’s tagline “Seeing is believing” and “Why Mylan? See inside.” At the heart of these strategic messages are the ideas of transparency and collaboration. To depict the idea of transparency, glass fronts were used on all closed-offices, huddle rooms and conference rooms. The copious use of glass throughout the space allows an abundance of natural light to penetrate the office interior furthering the transparency concept and Mylan’s ethical responsibility to greening its work environment. To enhance the organization’s opportunities to collaborate, several elements were used. The design team purposefully increased the amount of huddle rooms from its previous space and created a mostly open office space with 75%/25% workstation to closed office ratio. Additionally, an advanced AV system was installed in the Boardroom and Mediascape room in order to share ideas and work in a collaborative matter with its offices worldwide and some of DC’s most influential public officials.

The design exemplifies Mylan’s work and provides a cohesive environment that reflects its global influence. Mylan’s position as the largest generic pharmaceutical company in the U.S. are communicated through large graphic walls along the main corridor that transverses the space. The bold imagery reminds visitors and staff of Mylan’s commitment to the federal government and consumers alike. Accents with Mylan’s signature cyan are strategically placed throughout to reinforce its brand and creates a space unique to the client.

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