Location: Arlington, VA
Project Size: 60,000 SF

MSI, an international development consulting firm, had been disjointed on 15 houseboats in the marina for over 30 years. Seeking to create a unified space that promoted collaboration, efficient and flexible work spaces, all while drawing in natural light, the design concept translated the transition from water to land. 

Honoring MSI's history throughout the space, exposed planks conveying the hull of a boat, curves as a canopy to embrace enclosure while directing the view towards the Potomac River. An old canoe hanging from the exposed ceiling creates an art piece while large scale graphics of their boathouses are sprinkled throughout prominent locations in the space. 

Working with the building's unique curve structure created vantage points to maximize views of the river throughout the entire space. Corridors resemble a European warehouse aesthetic by utilizing black antedated frames on all openings while complementing the exposed ceilings. 

"Hives" or huddle rooms, were designed for staff to work in closed spaces with glass fronts creating a connection to the rest of the space while maintaining privacy clusters to collaborate. The large cantina, located along the window line provides natural light and flexible space for meetings, staff events, and social interaction. In addition, flexible conferencing incorporated enhanced technology, allowing for each room to connect with one another for all hands meetings. 


Services provided: