Marriott Cafeteria

Location: Bethesda, MD
Project Size: 18,000 SF

Marriott is a leader in global hospitality services. The Marriott brand portfolio provides accommodations in the top destinations around the world and is supported by Marriott’s commitment to corporate responsibility, sustainability, and forging global relationships. Marriott recently sought to undergo an extensive renovation of their cafeteria which is housed in their corporate headquarters location. This project presented a number of design opportunities, as the cafeteria is a central hub of activity for Marriott’s daily operations, hosting visitors and clients, as well as conducting corporate events and meetings.

At the onset of the project, the cafeteria and the greenhouse represented the ad hoc accumulation of defined spaces and conventional cafeteria furnishings. FOX suggested the cafeteria should be transformed into a community place that offers both differentiation and integration of uses and activities.  In this manner, the cafeteria resembles a city with districts and special places where individuals and groups can live and work and recharge. Modern technology throughout the cafeteria serves as the connection between the amenities and the employees who use them.

The amenities for this 18,000 SF space include an upgraded servery and food service area, as well as a convenient station for quick and nutritious eating options. There are meeting areas that can serve as touch down places for working lunches, larger flexible conference centers, private dining space as well as semi-private areas for working or relaxation. The goal behind the design concept was to create a flexible, dynamic place where every person who uses the facility can find and use a space that suits his or her immediate needs.






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