Location: McLean, VA
Project Size: 35,000 sf

Kettler desired to consolidate their two divisions under a single roof to reinforce they were one company working towards a unified goal. To further increase the sense of community, the new program redistributed private office space to amenity and collaboration areas.

Diverse layouts ranging from lounge-esque balconies to conventional phone rooms support all matter of office activity. Workstations and standing huddle areas run along window lines and large glass windows with no film frame interior offices for maximum natural light penetration A large, centrally located café has several seating options, including a large sofa for relaxation and a standing height communal table for casual collaboration.

Instead of using pops of color, amenity and collaboration areas are accentuated with textural density and layered patterns of natural elements like cork, wood, and stone. These areas feature glass cutouts and offer glimpses of activity and openness for those traversing the space while maintaining a sense of privacy for those working in alternate work areas.

Services provided: