Iridium Communications, Inc.

Location: McLean, VA
Project Size: 20,000 sf

The main goals for this global satellite communications company were focused on unifying their employees, creating a sense of corporate culture, and opening up circulation and sight lines throughout.  Iridium’s office was designed to bring together employees from different international locations into a single space. The coffee bar, pantry, and lounge areas are the primary interaction spaces, and are located at the heart of the space to create a destination for all departments.  This central public zone offers numerous seating areas, a quick-stop coffee bar and meal preparation area, to encourage different activities and levels of interaction. Circulation around the core is clean, creating lines of sight between each quadrant and representing the communication between satellites as they circle the earth. Workstations located along the main pathway have lower height panels to promote en-route interactions and further cultivate corporate culture. Some offices were a necessity, and glass front walls are used to bring in natural light and interior/exterior views.  The conference spaces are decentralized in order to invite visitors deeper into the space to experience the products, people, and the brand identity. Branding is integrated throughout but especially upon entry with a large transparent globe embedded into the wall.