International Science & Technology Enterprise

Location: Arlington, VA
Project Size: 7,800 SF

This confidential science and technology enterprise is in the business of innovation and a leading cyber security provider to both government and commercial clients. The project revolved around an evolution in how this client defined themselves, as an extension of the existing brand and also a new niche business. The client sought a way to define and brand themselves as a tech-savvy, modern and relatively young organization, while thinking critically about their culture and business functions. 

FOX navigated this client through a comprehensive workplace strategy, which in turn led to decisions of how the space can actively support that strategy. Another consideration was incorporating employees from the legacy organization into this new niche business with new employees, while ensuring that the new design accommodated various workstyles and daily activities. The new space is a collection of large, open spaces, and includes workstations with low partitions conducive for conversation, recharge areas, and recreational areas. Interactive surfaces such as audio/visual tools or writable surfaces are found throughout the space, encouraging impromptu meetings and sharing ideas. Sophisticated IT infrastructure was critical for this client,  in order for them move freely around the spaces and still have the capability to conduct technology-based activities. The design achieved a modern and deconstructed tone through the use of exposed brick, concrete floors and exposed ceilings. 

Ultimately, this space was designed based on the client’s workstyle and daily interactions of their people. Essentially, FOX took a hard look at how they work, long before decisions on furniture, finishes and aesthetics were made. The FOX team consistently referred back to the workplace strategy in order to ensure a cohesive space that truly supported this client’s work and allowed for future growth and innovation.

Services provided: