International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)

Location: Alexandria, VA
Project Size: 22,000 SF

Founded in 1893, the primary goal of IACP is to advance the science and art of policing by promoting improved practices throughout the law enforcement community. The organization was previously housed in a civil war era, historic building that could no longer support their business function, and was in dire need of modern office space. IACP is a traditional organization that wanted to pay tribute to its legacy with a clean, classic and timeless design. Our team achieved this through subtle details and niche elements; such as ceiling soffits and the flags in the reception area. 

Privacy was definitely a concern but the new open space maintains glass front offices off the interior, and workstations on the perimeter to maximize daylight penetrating to core. The two main goals for this space were to encourage the blending of cultures from two different offices and appeal to a younger generation while being true to tradition. The pantry, reception and lounge represented a huge change for IACP and are the mainstays of the central hub, created to serve as a central axis for the office. As opposed to being a back of the house area, this hub is front and center to function as a focal point of the space. 

Our designers implanted a Legacy Wall of all past IACP presidents to highlight the tradition of the organization. Many cues from the previous space and organizational culture were taken and the result was a modernized and refreshed space to anchor this new office with tradition. 


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