GWU Student Center

Location: Washington, DC and Loudoun County, VA
Project Size: 300,000+ sf

The design services for the University began in 2003, and have taken place at several locations, including the University’s main campus located in Washington, DC and in Loudoun County, Virginia. When the University purchased a former technical building with a data center in Loudoun County, their goal was to create a satellite support facility that would liberate space on the main campus for more academic facilities. The services for their Loudoun County location included assisting in identifying a comprehensive relocation process, in addition to providing a full building block and stack analysis to assess their newly purchased technical building for their future administrative requirements. The services for this location were implemented in a fast-track, multi-phased approach that required moving the University’s non-academic administrative departments to their new Loudoun County support facility.
The Client’s overall project goal for their main campus located in Washington, DC was to expand and increase the number of academic facilities. Over the duration of multiple phases, renovations evolved and have included renovating the lobby with a feature stair, libraries, classrooms, faculty offices, the University’s student services center, as well as their National Crash Analysis Center and the Jason Foundation.

Services provided: