Friedlander Misler PLLC

Location: Washington, DC
Project Size: 12,000 SF

Friedlander Misler PLLC, a boutique law firm with national presence for nearly 50 years, has earned the reputation of handling a wide spectrum of real estate, commercial and litigation matters in a business-oriented and efficient manner.

FOX Architects was tasked to design Friedlander Misler’s new office space in Washington, DC. The goal was to create a workplace that reflected the firm’s core values of being grounded in personal relationships and mutual success. FOX worked closely with the firm’s partners on every aspect of the design, including a “universal office” concept that allowed both Partners and Associates to occupy the same size office. The client was in dire need of improved storage space, but was concerned that as technology and their paperless initiative progressed, the storage areas would be underutilized. By strategically locating storage space and incorporating multiple access points from the main corridor, the storage areas could be converted into paralegal offices in the future.

The new design included a sophisticated, centralized reception and conference area. Private offices lined the perimeter; admin stations were placed directly across from offices. The design utilized translucent glass to share natural light with admin. The surfaces are an alternating mix of cold materials, such as glass and stainless steel, with warmer elements, such as wood veneers and warm colors, to creating a timeless, elegant space. 

Services provided: