FOX Architects’ DC Office

Project Size: 8,000 SF

The goal of this studio space was to create a versatile environment that supports and enhances the collaborative way this creative organization operates. With flexibility being a key driver it was also paired with the corporate mandate that the space achieve LEED Gold certification to underscore the corporate value of environmental stewardship. 

The concept goal of the space, was to create a white “gallery” theme to support the culture of the firm, whereas the people and project portfolio are what give life and color to the space. The 100% open plan environment promotes collaboration and dynamic design from all levels of staff. 

The versatility in the space is created through features like moveable glass partitions along the main conference room which allows for an open space while still providing privacy. The main conference room was designed to open into the reception area to accommodate for firm wide gatherings and hosting industry events. The design of this workspace enabled the firm to put its own mission to practice; Enhancing (its own) Business Through Design. Furthermore, upon entering the space, environmental graphics brand the space’s feature wall with the company’s tagline, which reminds staff and visitors daily of the firm’s values and the impact design has on a workplace.