FOX Architects

Location: McLean, VA
Project Size: 9,000 SF

FOX Architects, an award-winning architecture and interior design firm, had a unique opportunity to design their new Virginia studio. The initial design goal was to develop a space that supports the way that employees work and reflects the two sides of the design process - energetic collaboration and individual concentration. The intent was not to create a “pristene gallery” but to create a space that truly supports the work performed and embodies the inherent kinetic energy of the design process. 

Before any thought was given to the physical space, FOX engaged in a comprehensive workplace strategy in order to fully consider how employees work and how to achieve greater efficiencies in the new space. This workplace strategy included research, observation and analysis of the current work environment and served as the basis for formulating the design. 

The team integrated the workstyles with high-functioning space throughout the office. Included in this is the Ideation Lab, which is a central area for the design process to occur. The furniture in the lab is configurable, there are plenty of writing surfaces, and various types of lighting - the lab is flexible but designed with a certain utility in mind - it is a space intended to encourage creative thought. The inverse of the Ideation Lab is the Design Studio. The Design Studio is an academic style, open space where collaborative work or individual work can occur. The furniture is configurable and flexible depending on the function that is needed. There is an allowance for a certain level of “mess” as this is a natural occurance of the design process. 

FOX developed a concept that pushed the boundaries of office design while integrating functionality and flexbility. The workplace strategy enabled the team to think critically about their space, the design process itself, and the energy that human interactions contribute to design. The project is on track to achieve LEED Silver certification. 

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