CQ Roll Call

Project Size: 71,500 SF


In 2009, CQ Roll Call was formed by bringing together three companies – Congressional Quarterly, Roll Call, and Capitol Advantage. Today, CQ Roll Call (a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Economist Group) is the only media company that connects policy professionals and opinion leaders with the information and tools they need to understand and influence Congress.

The inspiration behind the overall design concept was three-fold. Foremost, the design team utilized the physical space to visually represent the symbiotic relationship between the government, the people and the influence of CQ Roll on both. Subsequently, the new design enhances the work being performed by providing a vibrant space that inspires the multi-generational staff. Finally, the team utilized a holistic approach to the design by incorporating consistent design strategies and elements on each floor to signify a unified, fully-integrated organization.

The new headquarters for CQ Roll Call is a welcoming and sophisticated representation of a new era for this forward-thinking media company. The classic-modern design embodies the rich tradition of the political stage fused with the progressive nature of the 420 multi-generational staff.