Change to Win

Location: Washington, DC
Project Size: 6,200 sf

As a newly formed labor organization, this non-profit organization was seeking to create a space that embodied their ideals, spirit and mission. The ceilings were left unfinished and painted white in much of the space. Glass front offices along the perimeter allowed light and views into the space, and a significant area was devoted to staff comfort and interaction. Two distinct groups occupy the office, and are joined by a centrally located open pantry, lounge and team area. This collaboration zone features a concrete lunch counter, flexible lounge and team furniture to allow for varied uses. Against the neutral backdrop of finishes, color was used as a primary way of reinforce the Change to Win brand throughout the space, and is evident in the accent walls as well as in the furniture. FOX’s in-house graphic design studio worked collaboratively with the interior design team to create environmental branding aspects and provide Change to Win with space identity.