Confidential Client

Project Size: 42,000 SF

This private non-profit organization sought to conduct an in-place renovation and expansion of their headquarters in order to consolidate multiple satellite offices throughout downtown DC into one central location. The FOX design team transformed the current headquarters office from a fragmented space that they had resided in for years to an open and fluid space, which provided them with the opportunity to restructure their organization as a cohesive unit while the new space reflected their mission and core values. 

The organization acquired additional space on multiple, nonconsecutive floors of their headquarters building. Inspired by the organization’s brand colors of grey and blue, the design solution integrated copious amounts of both colors on the walls and flooring. A ceiling ribbon was used throughout the space to subtly connect all of the floors. The organization’s core mission is the promotion of open collaboration with international governments. With this in mind, the space was transformed from 50% closed offices to 100% open offices to encourage employee cohesion amongst senior level and junior staff and across departments. Numerous conference rooms, production and breakout areas populate the space to create opportunities for spontaneous collaboration. Moreover, the main conference room has the flexibility to become three conference rooms or open up to main reception area for entertaining guests. The design team added new furniture and utilized an abundance of glass to capitalize on natural light, open up the space and give the office a modern, elegant look.