CBRE Group

Project Size: 30,000 SF; 6,000 SF


The design for both locations for this international real estate services client is modern with clean lines and minimalist architectural detail. A variety of materials and textures were used with a neutral, warm palette that provides a comfortable and welcoming environment for CBRE and its clients. The result is a sophisticated workspace that reflects the company’s “Best in Class” reputation. The project is currently seeking LEED Silver Certification. 

The design concept was based on shifting two elements (the global corporate culture and the local needs) off a common axis, creating an asymmetrical balance. While the two share a common core mission and vision (represented by the “axis”) there are shifts that may occur between the two concepts. The space design was guided by the company’s need for a more efficient and effective work flow. The design team worked with CBRE to understand which business units interacted on a daily basis and how employees and visitors utilized the space. In turn, the design improved the overall circulation between departments, maximized natural daylight through the use of glass front offices, and incorporated feature areas to reinforce the brand throughout the space. 

There was a significant branding opportunity within the space, specifically in the reception area. Design elements, such as the CBRE globe visual, which is etched into the main conference room glass wall along with “RISE” words (Respect, Integrity, Service, and Excellence) communicated in several languages, portray a global impression in the reception area. Individual conference rooms are identified using Northern Virginia submarkets, paying homage to the region and creating an authentic local experience.