Buccini/Pollin Group

Location: Washington, DC
Project Size: 15,000 sf

This full-service real estate acquisition, management, and development company wanted to create a workspace to reflect the luxury hospitality flair of their modern hotel portfolio, while still providing their staff a professional work environment. To accomplish their mission, the design theme of the “city plan” layout converged the nature of their urban hospitality portfolio with their corporate office setting. The theme of “city plan” was executed overcoming a potential challenge with the depth of the floor plan. To offset this challenge the parti diagram with two main access corridors or “avenues” was developed which naturally created “city” blocks at the intersection with which courtyard space was designed to promote interaction through an open cafe and counter space for meetings. The intersecting corridor walls are constructed of exterior elements such as veneer brick and concrete as well as walnut floor to further resemble their urban hospitality properties in a corporate setting. To maintain the correlation between their hospitality portfolio and the office, the lighting is arranged to form dramatic pools of light, which evokes the clean, ambient atmosphere of a luxurious hotel.