Bode Cellmark Forensics

Location: Lorton, VA
Project Size: 28,959

Bode Cellmark (Bode) uses state-of-the-art DNA identification techniques to serve law enforcement in DNA identification for a wide range of casework. FOX needed to fulfill two objectives for this project to be a success. Bode leadership wished to reduce their workspace by 10,000 sf (30%) while increasing the number of people in the space and taking methods to ensure an increase in productivity by 50% was achieved. The project needed to be a well-orchestrated renovation-in-place that would not interrupt operations of their lab that is in-use 24/7. Additional SCIF spaces also required continual operations while they were refreshed with paint and carpet. Through on-site observations and employee interviews our team was able to recognize and establish avenues that benefitted the flow of material and people through the office. A benching solution and shared spaces were used to replace many of Bode’s private offices. This created a collaborative and balanced workspace that helped Bode reach their desired productivity. The private offices that were not cut Bode’s process requires the use of large binders to manage documentation. Our team thoughtfully integrated a seamless solution that not only met their storage requirements but also added areas that allowed them to assemble these binders. FOX’s understanding of Bode’s individual spaces created an office that accurately supported their work and reinforced the strong passion they have for their profession. 

Services provided: