Beer Institute

Location: Washington, D.C.
Project Size: 5,000 SF

With more than 2,800 breweries in the United States, the Beer Institute was organized to represent the beer industry in developing a public policy that focuses on community involvement and personal responsibility. 

FOX Architects' design concept for the Beer Institute was aimed towards refreshing the brand identity to align with their organization's members. Rather than a formal reception desk and seating area, FOX created a fully functioning bar - used as a casual meeting space during the day, and entertaining space for industry events after hours. The flexible conference room opens into the bar, to maximize entertaining space. Advocacy images reinforce the brand, while a color palette of golden ambers toast to the hues of beer. 

Daylight and transparency goals were realized, as the Beer Institute's previous space was dark, uninviting, and didn't allow for a lot of natural daylight. The organization envisioned a new space to be more efficient, that balanced the need for privacy with the illusion of openness. Glass-fronted offices bring daylight into interior spaces, creating a collaborative environment. The compact floor plan efficiently arranges the space, separating the conference and public areas from dedicated work spaces. 


Services provided: