Location: Washington, DC
Project Size: 5,000 SF

Barbaricum has carved a niche in the consulting industry with an ability to generate effective and forward-thinking marketing strategies by successfully attracting and retaining industry experts from both the Government and private sectors. FOX designed a space reflected their ability to outpace industry trends. The Barbaricum team takes pride in their ability to win work by setting themselves apart from their competitors; choosing an old row house in Chinatown reinforces that mentality.

The historic characteristics of the space were covered with several layers of paint and drywall. Our design team worked closely with the GC to reveal the historic building’s original brick walls and wood support beams. By blending these historic features with glass office fronts and large windows our team of designers created a space with a handsome juxtaposition of modern and rustic finishes.

The narrow nature of the building was a challenge, as bringing natural light throughout the entire space was a design goal. Barbaricum wanted their space to function like a newsroom but provide various, multi-functional environments. Utilitarian conference rooms and secure brainstorming areas are paired with a game room and cafe/bar embody mirror the work-hard party-hard culture that defines Barbaricum.

FOX designed a flexible workspace capable of sustaining a sense of community with Barbaricum’s international clients that require 24/7 consideration. This small space is flexible and able to accommodate both in-office and OCONUS employees an environment that is easy to maintain and technologically flexible. 

Services provided: