Balfour Beatty Construction

Location: Fairfax, VA
Project Size: 26,000 sf


Balfour Beatty Construction, the fifth largest contractor in the nation went through a significant cultural shift in the relocation of their new headquarters space. 

The overall design for the space was focused on two targets: efficiency and increased collaboration. The design challenge for Balfour Beatty was to seamlessly meet those targets and the needs of all workgroups in a 95% open office. The new open environment was a substantial shift from the client’s previous 80% closed office space. Lastly, the new space needed to reinforce Balfour Beatty’s dedication to sustainability. The project is currently pursuing LEED Gold certification, sustainability strategies include: daylighting opportunities, regionally sourced materials, and recycling programs. 

To meet and exceed the client’s requirements, FOX designed custom millwork workstations based on staff input and individual business unit requirements, providing a successful transition to their new open work environment. The new space provides room for 25 additional employees and eight (8) additional meeting spaces despite being 2,000 square feet smaller than the old space. In addition, state-of-the-art technology was integrated into all of the meeting and open collaboration spaces, most notably the BIM Workroom. 

The project also provided both the FOX design team and Balfour Beatty the unique opportunity to employ Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). This methodology inherently fosters collaboration and innovation among the entire project team, allowing each team member to be an equal stakeholder in the project’s success. This project is LEED Gold Certified.