America’s Essential Hospitals

Location: Washington, DC
Project Size: 18,593

America's Essential Hospitals champions excellence in health care for all, regardless of social or economic circumstance, and advances the work of hospitals and health systems committed to ensuring access to care and optimal health for America's most vulnerable people. Since 1981, America's Essential Hospitals has initiated, advanced, and preserved programs and policies that help these hospitals ensure access to care. They support members with advocacy, policy development, research, and education. America's Essential Hospitals was founded in 1981 as the National Association of Public Hospitals.

The idea that hospitals act as the center of the community inspired the concept "Centers of the Community." Drawing on this idea, the design team sought to position the lobby and café in the center of the space. The design team then thoughtfully wove architectural "L" shaped bracket elements throughout to help visually guide staff into these collaborative spaces.

America's Essential Hospitals' previous space was separated into different suites and disconnected. As an organization that builds on corporate wellness in the workplace, their design goal was to increase collaboration and staff interaction. The design team introduced a universal office size as a driver to allocate more space for collaboration, conferencing, and the cafe. In addition, an abundance of glass was offered; all offices had glass fronts to allow natural light to filter into the space.


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