American Association for Justice

Location: Washington, DC
Project Size: 61,000 SF

Moving from a fragmented space they had resided in for decades to a new more fluid space, provided this legal association with the opportunity to restructure their organization to be more cohesive while reflecting their mission and core values. The motive for the design theme was derived from the association’s key tenets: fairness and accessibility. While their old space provided the senior level executives with the higher-end office luxuries, the new space would now disperse the higher designed elements for the entire staff to benefit from (fairness) and also create cohesion between the staff and senior level executives (accessibility).
Unlike a traditional office building floor plate, this building has a core offset to one side, which provided a unique opportunity to the design of the Client’s workspace. As a way to take advantage of the floor plate’s available core, a consistent “nucleus” adjacent to the elevator lobby was created on each of the three full floors to centrally locate key collaboration areas (i.e. conference rooms, team areas, café, copy/work areas) to promote employee interaction they did not have in their old space. Meanwhile the main circulation of the space was pushed inward to connect the length of the office space.

Services provided: