Location: Washington, DC
Project Size: 45,000 SF

Organized in 1963 and working in 146 countries, ACDI/VOCA has empowered people in developing and transitional nations to succeed in the global economy. Based in Washington, D.C., ACDI/VOCA is a nonprofit international development organization that delivers technical and management assistance in agribusiness, financial services, enterprise development, community development and food security in order to promote broad-based economic growth and vibrant civil society.

Drawing on FOX Architects' strong background in the association and non-profit sector, we worked with ACDI/VOCA to determine what its needs were through Architectural Visioning Sessions where current conditions were examined, future needs were ascertained, and the means to bridge the two were determined. After Visioning, FOX proceeded to develop a plan to accomplish ACDI/VOCA's goals and provide them with a space that would meet their needs.

To achieve ACDI/VOCA's goals a three-phase, in-place renovation was developed. FOX worked closely with ACDI/VOCA to ensure that its operations would not be unduly interrupted during the course of the project. Swing space was created at the start of each phase to allow staff to continue to work as construction was taking place. As each phase finished the affected staff was moved to its new space and the next group was moved to the swing space so construction could begin on the next phase. The new space was designed to be more open and bring in more natural light with offices moving to the interior of the space and being enclosed with glass fronts to allow natural light in these spaces as well. 


Services provided: