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FOX Architects recently hosted a reception and discussion for various DC-area business leaders and clients concerning how the workplace affects, evolves and projects an organization’s culture and, ultimately, success. The event, entitled How to Use Your Place as a Tool to Sustain Your Business, featured A/E/C industry expert Rex Miller and FOX Principal Bob Fox.

Rex shared with the audience the essence of his recently published book Change Your Space, Change Your Culture:  a) quality culture leads to engagement, b) engaged workers collaborate to find solutions, c) collaboration leads to ideas and innovation. While using clever and insightful graphics and anecdotes, Rex was able to keep us engaged not only by the subject matter, but also inserting some levity.

Following Rex, our own Bob Fox presented on The Changing Workplace, enumerating on a series of issues that nearly every organization encounters at some point. Through the comparison of former industry titan Kodak and current industry titan Google, Bob illustrated just how a lack of innovation and ideas can atrophy a once thriving corporation. Bob stressed the idea that collaboration derives innovation. Participants learned that an effective and productive workplace requires six crucial attributes:







We left the event with this key idea in mind: A high-performance workplace requires an investment – knowing what employees value the most, and we may need to reinvent our workplace to accommodate these values. Without actively engaged employees spurring innovation, any organization could become casualty to inertia.


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