by Derek Wood, AIA, LEED AP
Senior Project Designer


Here at FOX, we have implemented Building Information Modeling (BIM) on many of our interior and architectural projects. Even with our progress, one question continues to arise: “Why does FOX use BIM?”
The phrase “use BIM” suggests that BIM is another tool used to generate drawings. True, Revit is a parametric modeling tool, but the way we use it with an aggregate of other team members and design software is what takes it from a tool to BIM – and a much more involved and complex process that produces enhanced results.

This enhanced process assists us in achieving our core values: creative design. BIM as a process makes better design possible through the use of better decision making that is a achieved through a more elevated and multi-varied vantage point, which allows us to better compile and manage useful data,

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by Erin Orr, CPSM
Marketing Director

The significance of having everyone in the firm fully understand the goals, vision and core values set forth by our leadership is invaluable. There is a proven correlation between embodying these critical components and our overall client satisfaction. Think about it as the building block effect.

Here’s why:
When our team members are aligned with our core values (especially that client relationships and satisfaction is important) our employees are now empowered to make strategic decisions in client meetings, and with every interaction they are now focused on ensuring that the client is completely satisfied with their service from our firm. It is very important to our firm’s success to empower the teams we have in place to make critical business decisions that are aligned with our business goals, vision and values.
When our internal

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I am proud to announce that Sabret Flocos, IIDA, LEED AP, one of my fellow founding partners at FOX Architects, has been named a 2009 “Woman of Influence” by Real Estate Forum. With more than 250 candidates nationwide, Sabret enters the ranks with 51 honorees as commercial real estate’s most accomplished female professionals. As Managing Principal of our headquarters location, Sabret tirelessly demonstrates her leadership skills, innovative creativity, and ingenuity to advance the design profession. She possesses an entrepreneurial approach and tenacity which has contributed in growing the firm by nearly 500% since its inception. By putting the mission of “Enhancing Business through Design” into practice, she has guided the professional growth and direction of each firm and individual she works with.

I am proud that Sabret has

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We all know what vision is – the act or power of sensing with the eyes; sight. A company’s vision statement isn’t too far away from that basic definition. But, according to brand strategy expert Marty Neumeier, too many times leaders get caught up in the details and forget about the basics. He reminds us to keep it simple: A vision is the story a leader tells about where the organization is going; the aspirations of a company that drive future growth.

A couple months ago the partners of FOX Architects listened to Marty’s advice and they finalized the FOX vision statement, one that they’ve been working on for months:

Bright Minds

Leading Our Clients

Creating Innovative Environments

It’s not uncommon for a professional services firm to also operate on a set of core values. These core values help strengthen and differentiate the company’s vision. Here at FOX, we understand

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When exploring new avenues to market you or your firm, one of the most overlooked avenues is the white paper. So what is a white paper? A white paper is simply a report that puts forth a problem and its solution. White papers frequently incorporate data, statistics, and interviews with expert sources.

A white paper can be the perfect piece of collateral to promote your expertise or to start an industry discussion. A white paper can successfully cover:

  • Trends
  • Specific areas of expertise or institutional knowledge
  • New ideas, concepts, or methods
  • Comparing ideas, concepts, or methods

Though developing a white paper can seem like a daunting task, try breaking the process into manageable chunks. Set mini-deadlines for yourself to keep you motivated. Outlined below is an 10-step organizational outline that might help keep your white paper on track and keep you from getting

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