Ugh, Collaboration


Posted in: Culture

We asked a group of designers to sketch spaces for collaboration. Here's what we got.

One of several quick sketches-each takes a different view of collaborative space.

Last week, I sat through another presentation about collaboration and how important it is in new workplaces. The discussion that ensued is one we've all heard before: the modern office is all about collaboration. But aren't you sick of hearing that word? When people say "collaboration", what do they really mean?

To find out, I asked a group of designers from One Global Design to sketch out their idea of a collaborative space. They had less than five minutes to sketch their design on a letter-sized piece of paper. I didn't give them any specifics. I simply asked for a collaborative space and I received everything from diagrams and plans to perspectives and axonometric diagrams. Below, you can begin to see the

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