by Melanie Duhon, LEED AP ID+C
Project Designer

Revit has been a dependable tool in the FOX arsenal for many years, providing added-value to both base building and interior design projects independently. Recently the BIM Committee, which consists of select FOX team members who specialize in the subject matter, have embarked on their first, fully integrated interiors BIM model. The 30,000 square foot commercial project, which has been identified as ‘Project X’, will serve as documentation for this process.

Goals for the ‘Project X’ BIM processes are:

  1. To develop a comprehensive BIM model that is supported, and contributed to on a regular basis by all parties, including the architect, engineer, general contractor and other project-related consultants;
  2. To incorporate eSpecs that are supported through Revit and have built-in intelligence, i.e.; lights, furniture, equipment,

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