by Erin Orr, CPSM
Marketing Director

Client Maintenance is an essential aspect of marketing in our firm's culture that addresses the retention of clients, which translates to longer term profits. In fact, the cost of acquiring new clients is seven times more than the cost to retain existing clients. Our existing clients and the relationships we nurture and develop into repeat business are the lifeblood of the firm—without them we cannot survive. Dedication to client satisfaction and the ability not to just satisfy our clients but rather "delight" them is something that is built into our firm's "blueprint" (or Revit model) for long-term success.  

Why Delight–So What?
So how do we "delight" our clients? It's simple: Provide them more than what they are expecting. Client maintenance should be focused on serving and listening rather than selling on an immediate solution.

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by Derek Wood, AIA, LEED AP
Senior Project Designer


Here at FOX, we have implemented Building Information Modeling (BIM) on many of our interior and architectural projects. Even with our progress, one question continues to arise: “Why does FOX use BIM?”
The phrase “use BIM” suggests that BIM is another tool used to generate drawings. True, Revit is a parametric modeling tool, but the way we use it with an aggregate of other team members and design software is what takes it from a tool to BIM – and a much more involved and complex process that produces enhanced results.

This enhanced process assists us in achieving our core values: creative design. BIM as a process makes better design possible through the use of better decision making that is a achieved through a more elevated and multi-varied vantage point, which allows us to better compile and manage useful data,

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