We all know what vision is – the act or power of sensing with the eyes; sight. A company’s vision statement isn’t too far away from that basic definition. But, according to brand strategy expert Marty Neumeier, too many times leaders get caught up in the details and forget about the basics. He reminds us to keep it simple: A vision is the story a leader tells about where the organization is going; the aspirations of a company that drive future growth.

A couple months ago the partners of FOX Architects listened to Marty’s advice and they finalized the FOX vision statement, one that they’ve been working on for months:

Bright Minds

Leading Our Clients

Creating Innovative Environments

It’s not uncommon for a professional services firm to also operate on a set of core values. These core values help strengthen and differentiate the company’s vision. Here at FOX, we understand

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We love our people here at FOX Architects! We will periodically showcase some of our best and brightest. We start this week with two designers: Chris Walker, who designs out of our McLean, VA office, and Marie Moutsos, who’s based in our Washington, DC office.

Meet Chris Walker

Chris Walker


Take a month off work to travel with my wife. Then invest the rest; a million dollars doesn’t go as far as it used to.


I would say that I am a hard worker. I try not to take the easy way out of something, and try to make sure it’s done right.


It is sad; I laugh at a lot of commercials. Just ask my wife. My favorite of all time was a foreign commercial that showed a dad in the grocery store with his toddler. The child kept trying to

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To expand upon their long, stable history, Washington Gas is partnering with FOX Architects to design a new Operations Center located in Springfield, Virginia. Washington Gas, the area’s 160-year-old natural gas utility, has more than one million residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout Washington, DC, and the surrounding region. FOX competed against eight other firms.

“We are honored to partner with Washington Gas and Jones Lang LaSalle to develop their new LEED certified Operations Center,” said J.P. Spickler, Principal in Charge of the project. “This project represents what FOX does best: Our interior and base building architects are working in tandem to develop a state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly office that exceeds our client’s expectations.”

The project is well underway, and is expected to be completed in 2012. The project consists of

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by Jeanne Sundstrom
Business Development Manager

We read and see news all day long about how bad the economy is and speculation of when it will get better.  We continue to hear how this is one of the worst real estate markets on record.  But TV stations and newspapers are trying to sell advertising space, so it’s difficult to discern what’s news and what’s hype.  Based on reading real estate analyst reports from JLL, Cassidy and Pinkard, MSN economic outlooks, and real estate reports from CoStar, here are a few indicators to track to know when the real estate economy will turn around.

First rule in determining the commercial real estate markets: Property markets lag the economy. So in order for the property markets to improve, the economy has to be moving in the right direction first.  Here are 5 quick indicators you can track to identify when the property markets will

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