by Erin Orr
Marketing Director

Fox Architects Holiday Party

Back by popular demand, the annual FOX holiday party (which has quite the reputation of being a fine time) struck Arlington by storm (no pun intended) Friday night, December 18th. The entire FOX staff and their guests converged on Bob Fox’s house for, ironically, the calm before the storm (blizzard of ‘09)

Before we jump into the details on this year’s party, let’s set the stage for how the reputation of this annual event has been earned: Since the inception of the firm, FOX employees have been treated to a unique end-of-year celebration (in addition to en vogue summer family picnics), which personifies and enhances the firm culture. Having an event each year that is quite different from what was done in years past contributes to a resume of entertaining and memorable events. These events have enriched the valuable culture of the firm

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When exploring new avenues to market you or your firm, one of the most overlooked avenues is the white paper. So what is a white paper? A white paper is simply a report that puts forth a problem and its solution. White papers frequently incorporate data, statistics, and interviews with expert sources.

A white paper can be the perfect piece of collateral to promote your expertise or to start an industry discussion. A white paper can successfully cover:

  • Trends
  • Specific areas of expertise or institutional knowledge
  • New ideas, concepts, or methods
  • Comparing ideas, concepts, or methods

Though developing a white paper can seem like a daunting task, try breaking the process into manageable chunks. Set mini-deadlines for yourself to keep you motivated. Outlined below is an 10-step organizational outline that might help keep your white paper on track and keep you from getting

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by Erin Orr
Marketing Director

Shook, Hardy & Bacon, LLP

One of the firm’s 2009 strategic positioning goals was to distinguish FOX Architects as law firm design experts. FOX’s law firm design expert and Principal, Jim Allegro, AIA, IIDA, LEED AP, strives to illustrate to our clients the importance of sustainability in the workplace no matter the level. We recently completed three law firm projects that all had sustainable components and two decided to strive for LEED certification (while the third, a renovation, may have been the greenest). In fact, he just recently completed a white paper titled “Greening a Law Firm.”

Shook, Hardy & Bacon, LLP

As we continue to build our portfolio of law firm projects, we were proud to lead our client Shook Hardy & Bacon, LLP to achieved a LEED® Silver certification from the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

This international law firm, which has been serving a diverse

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Darlene Bowman

by Darlene Bowman
Office Manager

Earlier this year, FOX Architects began hosting a Vendor Night in both the McLean, VA and Washington, DC offices. Approximately every two months we invite up to seven of our vendors to each of our offices to showcase their goods.

Why Host a Vendor Night?

Our designers are able to build and maintain positive relationships with vendors while keeping abreast of the latest products and trends. This enables us to offer our clients well-researched, top-notch recommendations.

Our vendor nights are enjoyable and informative because we know the representatives well or have invited those who have been highly recommended. In addition, we maintain a non-competitive environment. Therefore we invite vendors from various disciplines and areas of expertise.

How Does it Work?

The vendors provide samples of the latest products, trends, industry knowledge

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Jeremy Roither

by Jeremy Roither
Project Architect

At FOX Architects, a jury of your peers does not involve a previous incident with the police. Instead, our monthly Design Jury is an open and honest discussion of the design of a few select projects representing our multi-disciplined service offering. This concept was initially established to create the portfolio of projects that will eventually be included in FOX’s first monograph. We’ll keep you posted on the 2011-2012 release date.

All members of FOX are welcomed and encouraged to attend. Actually, that is not true; Principals are not included in this process. This decision was made to encourage a more organic conversation amongst the designers which would ultimately empower the participants to decide upon projects to be featured as FOX’s finest in the publication.

Once we select the featured projects, the fun begins. The teams

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