Sustainable Design

FOX Architects is committed to promoting a sustainable approach to design in the workplace. We consider “green design” to be an important aspect of any successful project. Furthermore, our commitment is carried over into our own office space where we earned a LEED Gold Certification for Commercial Interiors. Given the tremendous amount of green and sustainable information that is available today, we feel it is extremely important to work closely with our clients to educate them of the costs and expected life-cycle savings of sustainable design. We pride ourselves on an innovative philosophy that combines a working knowledge of sustainable products, a clear understanding of new and emerging green technology, and a seamless process of integrating these services into projects that meet our clients’ goals and expectations. Nearly 74% of our technical staff are LEED Accredited Professionals. These dedicated individuals are instrumental in working with our clients to meet the challenges of Sustainable Design in every project. In our practice, we strongly believe that quality of life is directly affected by the quality of the environment.

We don't just chase after LEED points. We work with our clients so that the sustainable initiatives they pursue are in line with their corporate goals.


Here is a list of five questions to assist you in interviewing a potential architect for your new build-out or office renovation:
1. Consider the LEED experience of the potential architect. Does their LEED portfolio reflect the type of space your organization desires?
2. Ask about the architect’s own office space: Is the architect’s own firm LEED certified? Does the space incorporate any unique sustainable initiatives? FOX Architects’ DC office recently earned a LEED-CI Gold rating in order to demonstrate to our clients our commitment level – and to have a space to showcase top-notch sustainable design.
3. Can the architect help devise solutions for internal initiatives such as paper reduction or recycling programs? Will the architect help you think beyond LEED points?
4. Does the architect involve an MEP firm or other consultant early in the process? FOX has found that bringing consultants into the planning stages ensures a seamless approach to sustainable design. Does the architect have relationships with consultants who have LEED experience?
5. Will the architect include a LEED Accredited Professional on your design team – even if you’re interested in sustainable design though not necessarily a LEED certification?