Interiors Services

Workplace Strategy

We are driven by our philosophy that the workplace is a tool. Work happens anywhere: different kinds of work, at different times of the day, by different types of people. We work to align our clients’ business strategies and cultures with their work environments to maximize performance and reduce costs.

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment

For each project we design, our team establishes a furniture and finishes strategy to ensure each piece functions to enhance the overall design concept. The selection and specification of furniture, finishes, and equipment directly impact the culture of the firm and productivity of the staff and can even reduce a company's square footage needs when chosen correctly.

Sustainable Design

FOX Architects is committed to promoting a sustainable approach to design in the workplace. We work closely with our clients to educate them on the costs and expected life-cycle savings of sustainable design. We pride ourselves on an innovative philosophy that seamlessly integrates our mastered understanding of emerging green technology into our projects. Our staff of dedicated LEED Accredited Professionals is instrumental in working with our clients to meet the challenges of Sustainable Design in any project. One of the core values of our firm is environmental stewardship. We design to LEED Silver standards at no additional cost to our clients, regardless of whether or not a client is interested in having the space certified.